Cavalier Impressions

Cavalier Impressions provide events organisation and printing services to dog shows in the UK

Hundreds of dog shows are organised in the UK each year, involving much event planning. And dog shows are surprisingly complex and varied, with many rules but also much flexibility around the structure of the shows. 

Cavalier Impressions is a business which helps dog show organisers and exhibitors by providing events planning, printing of show schedules and catalogues, and payment processing. With over 30 years experience in exhibiting, organising shows, and serving a variety of society committees, Cavalier Impressions has accumulated a vast amount of knowledge in the dog show scene.

Cavalier Impressions invited Consilience to build a web-based system to enable the automation and streamlining of their processes and to move from paper-based forms and cheque payments, to a fully online system. 

The range of possible dog shows is surprisingly complex, with many permutations of show structure and rules. We took the time to research and understand these rules – some of which were not documented even by the UK Kennel Club (although available documentation has since improved). 

Built using the Laravel web application framework, and Vue.js admin screens, our solution includes an interface and data structure for configuring shows, and their groups and classes, to online registration, payment processing, and numerous custom PDF and Excel report outputs.

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