What We Do

We solve complex business problems using research, planning, and software programming.

We scope, design, and build complex digital products for clients who are looking to increase efficiency and streamline internal processes. We produce everything from web applications, custom integrations, websites, and e-commerce systems through to CRM and SaaS. We use leading Open Source technologies including Laravel, Vue, and OpenAPI.

We do this through:

  • Consultancy: We dive deep into your business to discover how we can best meet the needs of your customers, and your company
  • System architecture: Smart systems designed for now, and for your future
  • Experiences: We advocate for your users, creating customer delight
  • Integrations: Leverage the power of partner platforms to increase customer value

A partnership

We become a part of your team, focusing on your users, data, process, and culture. Through this process, we develop an understanding of your business and become committed to your success.

Our culture of inquiry and deep learning pays dividends for your organisation’s goals.

We have worked with clients ranging from start-ups through to fintechs, membership bodies, and universities.

We don’t reinvent the wheel

If a problem has been solved before, and solved well, you shouldn’t have to pay or wait for that solution to be developed again ‘from scratch’. This is one of the key benefits of Open Source software; we can (and do!) use existing packages to help fast-track your product development.

Another benefit of Open Source is that as the community refines Open Source packages over time, you benefit too.

Launch a new digital product

When you are launching a new digital product, or creating a start-up, you can have confidence in Consilience as your tech team to understand and shape the requirements, right from the ‘big picture’ down to the technical details, user experience and technical implementation details.

Built to scale

Whether your systems need to scale to dizzy heights, or you prefer to start small and grow from there; we have you covered. Scalable and secure architecture using Docker, Jenkins and Kubernetes Deploy on cloud hosting including Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Storage.

Automation increases effectiveness … and profits

Automating your processes increases profits by improving effectiveness and reducing costs. We will help re-engineer and streamline your processes, unconstrained by legacy systems.

Why we might not be right for you

Before we begin to design or build software solutions, we insist on a big picture understanding of your business, your customers, and – most importantly – the problems you are trying to solve. Our most fruitful client relationships are always those involving conversation and discovery.

For that reason, if you have a fixed technical brief and you're looking for a team to simply build it 'to plan', then we are not that team and we wish you the best with your project.

To get the best value from Consilience, we need to be involved at an early stage where we can work closely with you to blend the market expertise in your business, with the technical and user experience expertise in ours. This is a win-win-win situation; you get a better business outcome, your customers get a better solution to their problems, and we find the project more rewarding.

For that reason, we prefer clients to present us with business problems, rather than only proposed solutions (though solutions are welcome too, of course).

Rarely have we seen ideas from clients that we weren't able to add value to. Often, simply by asking the right questions, we can gain valuable insights that take problems back to first principles, from which we can work collbaratively to achieve a better solution. This is why we are best-suited to nuturing long-term relationships with our clients, and why our relationships bring value that grows over time.

What we won't do

There are a few industries and sectors we won't work with, as they don't align with our values. That means we won't work with companies from sectors including tobacco, gambling, and arms.

We use technology in a smart way, to benefit your users and your business. We build intuitive, accessible web systems, ready for mobile devices and today’s users.

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