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Senior Laravel PHP developers needed

We are the lead technical partner of a fast-growing UK fintech company and with this we are simultaneously growing our software development team. We are looking for talented and experienced PHP senior developers to join us, working at the leading edge of PHP development, on enterprise web applications, microservices, and integrations including Open Banking, and Faster Payments.

We are recruiting a number of senior developers, which includes some team-leader roles to lead both in-house and outsourced software engineers.

About Consilience

Insights and system design are at the heart of what we do. We take the time to understand our clients and their customers/users. We develop a deep understanding of what is needed and we combine this research with our technical expertise to design and build software solutions, iterating and refactoring based on new insights and feedback.

Our fintech projects involve building an evolving and expanding software ecosystem that provides truly innovative and transformative UK payments services (yes, we know everyone says this kind of thing, but the difference is we can prove it!).

As well as our fintech work, we also build API integrations, booking systems, and CRMs, plus in-house products in the fields of publishing and SaaS.

We have a relaxed and positive working environment combined with a professional culture where we enjoy solving problems and producing work of a high standard.

The work

The work we are doing is technical back-end development, much of it at the forefront of PHP software application development.

We create enterprise-level, distributed web applications, using a mix of Lumen and Laravel PHP apps (plus a few other technologies), connected via REST APIs and queues. We deploy in containers in the cloud, using Ansible, Jenkins, and Kubernetes.

We use innovative approaches such as OpenAPI custom code generation for automatically creating API SDKs (we are not aware of anyone else doing this iteratively with PHP).

Is this you?

We are looking for smart problem-solvers to join our team. Senior developers who can: solve business problems using system design and code, identify technical issues, diagnose solutions, and also be involved in technical discussions and shaping system architecture.

We want people who can help manage and grow our team, and to continually improve our processes through test-driven development, agile processes, best-practice software development techniques, and continuous integration/deployment. We expect that these are already part of your current role, or that these are approaches you are keen to adopt.

We want developers with a deep knowledge of modern web technologies who can contribute improvements and new innovations to the team where appropriate.

You should be eager to grow your skills and be an important part of the company’s growth. In return you will be given the opportunity to improve your own knowledge and expertise, whilst working on truly innovative projects.

We will encourage you to learn through online courses, peer-to-peer learning, and industry meet-ups. We welcome you to contribute ideas, suggestions, and learnings to the rest of the Consilience team.

Your skills and experience

We expect you to have a programming background with deep experience in:

  • Solving complex problems
  • 5+ years experience of backend development
  • System architecture and planning
  • Object-oriented programming using PHP
  • PHP framework experience (Laravel preferred, though not essential)
  • RESTful APIs, Queues, Git, MySQL
  • Clean, easy to maintain code (PSR standards)

You should be able to:

  • Understand business value and gravitate towards tasks which deliver the greatest impact
  • Distill true requirements (know when to ask “Why?”)
  • Prove that you understand a problem before you implement a solution
  • Plan
  • Identify any holes in your own understanding
  • Write clear documentation
  • Work collaboratively with others. Including sharing knowledge with, and learning from, peers
  • Do good code reviews (thorough, yet supportive)
  • Understand trade-offs
  • Support arguments with data and evidence
  • Contribute positively to team meetings, and lead them when necessary
  • Self-manage and prioritise
  • Appreciate uncertainty and the limitations of models

It would be great if you have one or more of these skills too, but these are not essential:

  • Some experience of team leadership
  • Test-driven development
  • Microservices and event-driven architecture
  • Know a thing or two about security
  • VueJS, OAuth2, Redis, Docker, OpenID Connect
  • Agile experience
  • OpenAPI
  • Open Banking
  • Go (Golang)
  • Use of continuous integration tools such as Jenkins
  • Line management, and mentoring of other developers

What is it like working with Consilience?

Our team is what makes Consilience. We encourage an informal, relaxed working environment. It’s crucial that everyone in our team gets on with each other, and feels comfortable and happy at work. We strive for a very high standard of work, but we are decidedly non-corporate.

  • Semi-flexible working hours between 8am-6pm Monday to Friday
  • Salary £40k – £50k depending on experience
  • Pension scheme
  • Personal development opportunities
  • We are based in Whitley Bay, with: nearby free parking, metro station (30 mins from Newcastle), shops, bars, restaurants, ice cream, and the beach!
  • Initial interviews will be informal discussions. As part of the shortlisting process, we may ask you to work with us on a small project for up to a day (you will be paid for your time).

Interested in joining us?

To start your journey towards a key role in our fast-growing team, please contact us now: hello@consil.co.uk

p.s. No recruitment agencies please, we like to recruit directly.

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