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Thank you Mrs BeeBakes!

Christmas has come early! Look what the wonderful Helen Bowman (aka Mrs BeeBakes) brought us today: Hand-made, delicious and they look amazing! We’d heard she made great cakes, but seeing – and tasting – is believing. Thank you Mrs BeeBakes! ps naturally, they’ve all gone already – but you can get your own from Mrs BeeBakes

Problems with Excel: Proper case function and apostrophes

Something that cropped up today. Excel has some handy functions for quickly changing the case of text, in bulk. One is PROPER – this function capitalises the first letter of each word, and sets the rest to lowercase. To use this function you just type =PROPER(A2) in a new cell, and swap ‘A2’ for the target cell you want to modify. So far, so good. However, there’s a limitation using the Proper case function in Excel – it capitalises all

OpenData – UK Postcodes

The UK government has been publishing UK postcode data for nearly a year now. It is available for free here from the Ordnance Survey and is branded as Code-Point® Open. Essentially the data provides 1.7 million UK postcodes, with their British National Grid Reference, local authority and ward listed for each. The most interesting data is the grid reference, supplied as a full Northing and Easting value. These can be used to calculate distances between postcodes, as well as being

Consilience Mulled Wine 2010

It’s that time again – the lead up to Christmas and time to cook up a batch of mulled wine. Drinking it is half the joy, the other half being the spicy aroma that lingers around the office for days.

Safe delivery

Congratulations to Helen and Stuart on the birth of their baby daughter, Holly Mae, at 11.46 am Monday 29 November 2010. She weighed in at a bouncing 8lb 11oz and ‘mother and baby’ are doing well – if not getting much sleep. Well done Helen!

READ ME! The art of writing headlines

Eye catching and succinct – what makes a great headline? Headlines in ‘the environmentalist’ are the subject of both merriment and frustration here at Consilience. Obviously they have a job to do; getting the reader’s attention and compelling him or her to read on. A headline also has to work with the standfirst (that paragraph above the main body of copy that should give you a two- second digest of the piece plus the authors’ names). Both the headline and

Monkey for a day

Saturday morning saw me hugging trees. Nothing new there you might think. Only this time I was rather far off the ground. Bearing in mind that I’m scared of heights, this was probably an insane thing to do, but it was a surprise for a friend’s 40th and we were at Go Ape, Matfen Hall. The induction took an hour, but it was really thorough. This is ok I thought – then I had to climb up the first ladder

Crocs and coral

No computer or internet access for our fortnight in the north, but back in Melbourne now for the last few days of our holiday.  We’ve gone from 36 degrees back down to 14 in Melbourne, but the sun has been shining so that helps. It’s been 16 years since I first went to Kakadu in the Northern Territory.  Last time I was there it was late October, the end of the dry season and the ‘build up’ to the wet,