Formed in 2002, the Mouth Cancer Foundation is a charity working to raise awareness of oral cancers and provide support and guidance for mouth cancer sufferers.

Working with the Mouth Cancer Foundation has a particular significance for us. Brenda Brady, mother of Dan (our Managing Director), suffered from mouth cancer for four years until her death in 2008. An active fundraiser for the charity, Brenda was also a regular participant on the mouth cancer online forum, where patients are able to share and receive advice and support.

So we were delighted when Dr Vinod Joshi, founder of the Mouth Cancer Foundation, invited us to overhaul the charity's very popular and well-used website.

Over a 12 month period we worked with the charity to distill the large amount of content into an easy-to-navigate, intuitive structure and design – tailored for the website's distinct user groups: patients, families, professionals, press and fundraisers.

The result is a site which is easy-to-use, and easy for the charity to update (using the Drupal 7 content management system). The new website and hosting is built to handle the high traffic that the website enjoys.

We are honoured to be able to bring our skills and experience to help the Mouth Cancer Foundation in its core objectives of raising public awareness of oral cancers, and support for patients.