Local Food is a £57.5 million programme that distributes lottery grants to a variety of food-related projects across the UK to help make locally grown food accessible and affordable to local communities.

Run by the Royal Society of Wildlife Trusts (RSWT), the Local Food programme funds a range of activities from local food schemes and farmers markets, to education projects teaching people about the local environment.

To enable RSWT to do this efficiently we developed custom web systems that have enabled tens of thousands of applications to be submitted. The website also serves as a marketing platform for the good work the funding allows, and a method of administering project advice.

In 2010 we completely redesigned and redeveloped the Local Food web systems, incorporating the 'FoodEcommunity', a new online community to facilitate the sharing of advice and tips between awarded projects.

Our SEO best practice has brought great results too - search for "local food" on Google.co.uk and our website is number 1. Even Wikipedia is number 2. That's first of over 5.6 million results …

UPDATE: the Local Food Grants scheme ended in 2014 and the websites are no longer live.