Operation Wallacea runs biodiversity and conservation research management expeditions for students and academics, in various locations worldwide. Students gain course credits towards university qualifications, and get to experience hands-on biodiversity science.

We were invited to advise on approaches to publishing the findings from the expeditions. We recommended an online magazine format, and the result is the peer-reviewed quarterly magazine, Biodiversity Science.

Going out to 40,000 subscribers via email newsletter, linking to the online magazine, Biodiversity Science showcases the latest developments from the field of conservation science or management, new species discoveries and improvements in biodiversity survey techniques.

Statistics on the most-read articles are readily available, helping to build future content, and readers can comment on individual stories and features, as well as sharing them with colleagues, increasing exposure for the client.

Click throughs and feedback have been very positive, and the magazine builds on the Operation Wallacea brand as a leading provider of conservation and biodiversity programmes.