Are you using Microsoft Access to store your customer data? If so, you’re probably used to adapting your processes to fit how it works.

It shouldn’t be like that.

We’re familiar with Access too; we’ve used it in the past and moved on. There comes a time (often quite quickly) when an organisation ‘outgrows’ Access. It simply wasn’t developed for larger organisations, and the way in which we use data and the web today.

We develop CRM database management systems that are tailored to fit your needs. Not the other way round.

Cloud-based CRM databases

Unlike MS Access, our database systems don’t rely on a server sitting somewhere in your office. Instead, they’re online (in ‘the cloud’).

With this comes lots of advantages:

  • Far more accessible (Via a web browser, ie anywhere that is connected to the web)
  • Safer (What if there’s a fire or theft in your office? With us, your database isn’t stored there)
  • Reduce level of IT staff required (We handle it, remotely)
  • Lower running costs (No ongoing costs of licensing – we use OpenSource software)
  • One less grey box to worry about in the office!

Doesn’t that sound better than wrestling with an outdated database system?

It gets better

What if every time you email a contact, your CRM database automatically creates a note with the contents of that email?

What if your CRM reminds you when you need to contact someone?

What if your customers can update their records themselves, via your website?

What if your team spends less time on bureaucracy and data management, and more on fee-earning work?

If you’re ready to upgrade to a database system which actually works for your business, please email us or call us now on 0191 2511104