Our web copywriting can boost your search engine ranking (SEO) and convert more visitors into customers

Conversions and how users read

People read differently on the web, so we need to write differently too. Users tend not to read; instead, they scan. They’re ready to leave any page that makes them work hard.

Research has revealed that most web visitors decide whether or not to stay there within 3 – 5 seconds. It’s therefore essential that you engage your visitor within the first 50 words of content.

Our web copywriting is written with conversions in mind – persuading your visitors to do something – whether it’s an order, getting in touch, or signing up to an email newsletter.

There are many factors in keeping your readers’ interest. For instance, content must be relevant to a user’s needs (user-focused). Long blocks of text are off-putting. Headers must invite interest and be relevant, like this one:

The mysterious ‘other audience’

Not only does your web copy need to be optimised for fickle web users, but there’s another ‘audience’ for everything that’s written online: the search engines.

The content on your site has a significant impact on your search engine ranking. The use of keywords, headers, links and more all affect your ranking. Get it right and you’ll see a benefit.

Web copywriting is an oft-overlooked aspect of web design, so get an advantage over your competitors by optimising for Google and humans!

We know how to optimise the text on your site so it works for both audiences. We can optimise the content you already have, or we can completely rewrite it for you.

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