We work with quite a few clients who have large numbers of members or customers. To facilitate community engagement and the sharing of best practice, we’ve developed online community platforms that allow the web to bring individuals together, regardless of geography.

Enable conversations

We understand that online communities are all about conversations. Open conversations, in all directions. They should stimulate the mind and be ‘owned’ by the community members. Without this, you can end up with a pretty site, but no participation.

Community platforms can be as simple as a forum (message board), or can have integrated blogs, messaging, groups, events and much more. Each organisation is different, so each online community platform should be a customised solution.

Online communities – where to start?

However, the first steps in creating an online community are always the same – research and analysis. We work with you, and your community members, to fully understand how we can create a platform which delivers real value.

To discuss your online community and how we can help build one that thrives please get in touch.