The best design makes a difference; it’s an extension of your brand, it helps you to stand out from your competitors, and it persuades prospects to become customers

Form and function

Yes, we make things that look good, be they brochures, logos, posters or websites. The right look and feel is an essential part of your brand, helping you to stand out in a busy marketplace.

For instance, your logo is the very first impression people get of your company. If a logo is created on the cheap in 20 minutes by someone who knows nothing of the client’s business … then that is probably the impression it creates.

But there’s more to design than look and feel. We create designs that work.

Purposeful design

Design should have a purpose. You want the user/reader/consumer to actually do something. That ‘something’ might be to go to your website, phone you, make a purchase. We call this a conversion.

Good design should engage with the target audience and facilitate these conversions. It should engage, persuade and convince.

That’s why it’s worth investing in the best design – it brings a positive return on investment.

‘Invisible’ design

Sometimes good design should be loud and proud – it’s about grabbing attention. Other times, good design is actually about becoming invisible.

An example of this is found in the best uses of magazine and book typography – often it’s simply not noticed by readers. But that’s its job – to make the content as easy to read and irresistible as possible. In this case, poor typography actively gets in the way, and it’s only then that the design becomes visible.

We know when to create designs that are visible and when to be invisible. We design for results, not trends. We’ve been designing for over 10 years, and we know how to deliver.

If you’re interested in creating the right impression and the right results, talk to us about design