“Email marketing is one of the most effective means of generating sales”
Michael Beaulieu, Wayfair

Lead generation

We will help you create an effective email marketing strategy, integrating your website with campaigns to provide a powerful opt-in marketing channel where your website generates new leads.

Create great emails, easily

Using our state-of-the art Zeditor email marketing software, you’ll be able to create lists and email newsletters easily, and without any technical knowledge. Plus, the emails will look great on mobiles and deliverability rates will be amongst the highest in the industry.

Get actionable data

Get great reporting on which campaigns are performing well, and individual data on subscribers’ email opens, clicks, new sign-ups and unsubscribes. Use this data to learn what works for your subscribers, improving your campaigns’ effectiveness, and generating more sales.

CRM integration

We can also take your integration further with CRM email marketing where you can combine your customers’ email behaviour with other data you store on your customers.

“For me, the most underrated digital marketing tactic is email. Email has long been shunned as a “has been” often taking the back seat to newer, sexier tactics like social media. That said, from a pure cost-effectiveness standpoint, it’s hard to beat email. It’s relatively cheap, consumers opt-in, so they are very receptive to the marketing message, and it’s fairly easy to measure success.
Bob Arnold, associate director of global digital strategy at Kellogg

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