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Menu Challenges 1

Ok, so I’m getting into my site now. The wrapper is in place, and I’m moving on to the menu: As you can see, this isn’t your ordinary set of tabs and is causing a number of problems for browsers. Rounded Corners The problem with this menu is that it’s got a curved highlight hover. There are 4 different ways to curve boxes: 1. Nifty Corners: Uses JavaScript to insert <b> 1px in height and reducing in width. PROS: Scalable,

First Considerations

Over the next few months I’ll be working on a project that involves coding the frontend of a website. The first thing I consider is what level of accessibility is the site going to follow and at what cost. I always write a site to adhere to a strict xhtml standard: [sourcecode language=’html’][/sourcecode] Why? If I don’t follow a standard then what am I actually following. There isn’t any extra effort in doing things by the book so why avoid

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