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Protect Your Deleted Data

Having been given a bunch of PCs from a dentist, to be passed on to needy second owners, the first thing that came to mind was data security. Each PC had a copy of the dentist’s client database, and that had to be removed. More to the point, it had to be permanently removed.

OpenData – UK Postcodes

The UK government has been publishing UK postcode data for nearly a year now. It is available for free here from the Ordnance Survey and is branded as Code-Point® Open. Essentially the data provides 1.7 million UK postcodes, with their British National Grid Reference, local authority and ward listed for each. The most interesting data is the grid reference, supplied as a full Northing and Easting value. These can be used to calculate distances between postcodes, as well as being

Consilience Mulled Wine 2010

It’s that time again – the lead up to Christmas and time to cook up a batch of mulled wine. Drinking it is half the joy, the other half being the spicy aroma that lingers around the office for days.

My Broadband IP Blacklisted as a SPAM Generator

This is an unusual one. I didn’t think it would be, but based on the lack of Google results for this having happened to other people, I thought it would be an idea to document it. I’m sure it happens a lot more then people realise. The basic gist of the story is that my broadband IP address got black-listed as a SPAM generator, and that meant I could no longer send out email through the broadband mail server. It

Slave Domain Server Using Plesk

Plesk-based hosting can often suffer from a resilience problem: failure of the DNS for sites it hosts if the server goes down for any reason. Ideally a zone should have a number of domain name servers located in different places. A zone is basically a domain and all its sub-domains. The zone record tells other servers where to find everything for that domain – where the websites are, the main servers etc. Plesk run on a server or virtual server

Losing my keyboard input

This is something that has been bothering me on the odd occasion for years. It is intermittent, so is something I have been able to live with, but it would be nice to get to the bottom of it. Basically, there is a key combination – somewhere around the “A” on my keyboard, probably involving the control and perhaps the shift keys, and is so easy to accidentally press when not being careful, that locks up all my keyboard input.

Magento – making sense of theme inheritance with a simple script

Trying to make sense of theme inheritance in Magento, I have started to put a simple script together to help navigate the themes installed on a shop. When I say simple, I mean very simple. Jump straight in and have a browse: This script is installed in the root directory of our 1.4 test installation. What it gives you is a layered approach. First you select the interface, then the theme within that interface (try default->modern for example). The

Faxing from your desktop

Occasionally there is a need to send a fax, but it can be such a rare occurrence that it is hardly worth keeping a fax permanently set up, or even keeping track of where you last put the fax modem cable for your laptop. I took a look at free or cheap online fax sending services in the UK, and many offer lots of promise in the Google search results, but few deliver once you go through their long registration

Moving a Plesk Database Between Domains

Note: I have only tried this on Plesk 8.6. If you have used this technique on any other versions of Plesk, please let us know – whether it worked the same way or not. The Plesk web management interface is pretty cool. There are lots of sophisticated things you may want to do on a web server, but 99% of those tasks are encapsulated into the admin screens provided by Plesk; it simply gets the job done of managing web