We’ve noticed a few minor but annoying problems emerging from recent WooCommerce 2.2.x upgrades. These relate to settings not persisting after upgrades.

So, in the spirit of sharing with the community (and hopefully saving others some time!), here’s a few problems and their fixes:

(Note: these issues may only affect older WooCommerce sites which may have originally been built using WC v1.6.x)

Checkout not recognising the contact details

WooCommerce has probably changed the default shipping address setting to ‘default to shipping address’ rather than ‘default to billing address’ (the effect being that WC is expecting both the billing and shipping address fields to be completed). This displays as a “missing required fields” error, and will confuse customers who have never had to manually enter shipping addresses up until this point.

Fix: WC –> Settings –> Shipping

Set shipping address to ‘default to billing address’

Other niggles

Other problems we’ve seen where settings have not been retained on upgrades include:

  • Free shipping being enabled (argh!)
  • Cheque payment being enabled

These are both simple tick settings changes.

Hopefully future WC upgrades can retain settings 🙂