Was on the hunt for some software that would let me take multiple screengrabs. Eventually settled on Grab them all, a Firefox extension. Here’s the story!

Step 1 was to create a list of URLs that needed screengrabs. I wrote an small PHP that printed a list of URLs (one per line) which I then saved to a text file:


The first tool I came across was WebShot. The GUI interface is simple, but there’s far more flexibility using the command line. This is the command I used to run a batch of screenshots listed in the text file I created earlier

webshotcmd.exe /in "C:screenshots.txt"

The tool worked well and uses Internet Explorer to render the web pages (so make sure you have the latest version!). You can also add parameters to your batch list too. I wanted the width of the image to be 1280px wide, rather than defaulting to the width of the web page, and also to use custom file names.

/url "http://www.siteroom.co.uk/" /bwidth "1280" /out "C:screenshotssiteroom.jpg"
/url "https://www.consil.co.uk/" /bwidth "1280" /out "C:screenshotsconsil.jpg"

Unfortunately the free version only renders screengrabs in black and white.

I settled on Grab them all – a Firefox addon. Although it doesn’t have advanced features like watermarking, it does boast enough options for my needs. You’ve also got the benefit of Firefox’s web page rendering engine, which means screengrabbing the page with all the good-looking CSS3 features.

Options can be tweaked by going:

Tools > Add-ons > Extensions > Grab them all ‘Options’ button

I was able to change the filename from Base64 to the URL and set the width of the window. To run the program go to:

Tools >> Grab them all

Pass it the simple list of URLs (one URL per line) and let it run its magic!