The latest craze for designers seems to be redesigning airline boarding cards (and/or websites). Dustin Curtis started this off a little while ago, after wondering why American Airlines’ website is so difficult to use. Being proactive, Dustin redesigned the site and sent it (with an impassioned letter) to AA. This started a conversation with their web developer which is quite revealing about large organisations and their difficulties in bringing about change.

Delta Airlines existing boarding pass

Delta Airline's existing boarding pass

This inspired Tyler Thompson to have go at redesigning the Delta Airline boarding pass. Tyler’s designs look great, a across between movie poster lettering and art deco, although they don’t take into account some of the realities of boarding pass printing. Tyler invited others to create their own designs and he lists some of these in the updates at the bottom of the page. A couple of notable examples are shown below.

Tylers redesign

Tyler's redesign

Timoni Grone addressed the redesign in a more practical way, ie. acknowledging the limitations of the current printing techniques and typefaces available in thermal printing machines in airports.

Timonis redesign

Timoni's redesign

But this is my favourite, as it is so conversational and simple:

This one looks good!

Graphicology’s boarding pass redesign

So, since they’re getting so much free design advice, it will be interesting to see if any airlines actually want to improve their customers’ experience …